The name of our brand is House of Mohini, we came to finalise this name because Mohini is my Mom's name. When I was younger, she used to design the clothes back in the 70s, for me and my two sisters, so this is an ode to her. I have been running my business under the name of Myra for 15 years now and wanted to rebrand the label with a new look and a new store. I design clothes for all age groups, I'm mainly into customisations, traditional, western, everything. The range starts from 2k to 2lacs depending on the design. I have been an independent woman for as long as I can remember. When I started my work, it was out of financial need, and I had a daughter who was 3 years old at the time. i've continued to work ever since because that need became my passion and now I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I work for myself and my daughters, and my family. I started out of a 300sqft area, then a 3000sqft area and now finally a 6000sqft area. I am a proud mother, daughter and wife. I am here because of my mom, she taught me everything !